#80 Back to Church Series – Partnering with Media Ministry Experts w/ Greg James


God laid it on my heart to do a series entitled “Back to Church” where I have candid conversations with church leaders, Christian influencers and subject matter experts about ways we can return to the building, without forsaking the creativity and foresight it required to survive a continuing global pandemic.

I thought would be right to begin this series with my friend, Gregory James. Gregory is the media ministry director for the progressive church in Sacramento, CA, and the owner of James Media. James Media has provided production, post-production, audio and projection services for churches, non-profits, and global companies like YouTube and much more!

I’m also going to give 5 tips for partnering with a media ministry expert at the end!

  1. Don’t try to do it yourself if you want to do it in excellence. You don’t have to be the talent and the tech. Trust professionals with your gifting.
  2. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT if you are picky but be open-minded. An experienced media expert knows the tricks of the trade and can push you creatively.
  3. Don’t be reluctant to pay. When you invest in a great media expert, you enhance your ministry’s capacity and potential footprint.
  4. Have a pre-production meeting to discuss your vision, participants, and preferences. Don’t make any assumptions. The Holy Spirit is not stifled when we plan ahead.
  5. Pray and partner with your media ministry leaders and professionals. They are key to the spread of the Gospel message to the church and the unchurched. They will work more effectively when they are led by God. Kill the ego and dictatorship for the best outcomes.

I want to thank Brother Greg for joining me and I hope you will share this episode if it has been helpful.

I’d also love it if you subscribed to my podcast and wrote a review! That helps me spread the word about the podcast, and more importantly, Jesus Christ!

Have a great day! Remember:

Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.

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