#74 Mastering Mondays: Every Play Matters

Summary I’m dedicating this episode to the courageous and unapologetic Black woman, Asia Barnes, coach of the University of Arizona Women’s Basketball team. Thank you for being a fierce, passionate, and loving competitor and for representing the Pac-12 conference with excellence. Welcome to Seasoned with Salt Podcast. This is Dominique Beaumonte, your host. Every Monday,Continue reading “#74 Mastering Mondays: Every Play Matters”

#73 My Story Has a Sequel – A Sermon

Summary On Sunday, March 28, 2021, I was honored to speak at the Little Flock Church in Redwood City, CA. My sermon focuses on the life of Joseph and how God always made lemonade out of lemons in his life. My prayer is that those who listen will know that God’s plan isn’t paused becauseContinue reading “#73 My Story Has a Sequel – A Sermon”

Are you the reason Lil Nas X Gave Satan a Lap Dance? #72

Summary Are you the reason Lil Nas X gave Satan a Lap Dance after dropping it like it was hot, straight into hell! Are we deflecting as a church rather than answering the real questions? How? Why? When” Where? How do people get to this place? Why does Lil Nas X want to upset churchgoingContinue reading “Are you the reason Lil Nas X Gave Satan a Lap Dance? #72”

#63 – How to Get Ahead from Behind: You Can Compete!

Do you get anxious at the thought of having to compete? Has the fear of competition negatively influenced your professional life? Dating status? I want to share some principles for fighting the fear of competing. I want to give you 5 things you’ll need to advance in your life, ministry, relationship, profession, and entrepreneurial journey.Continue reading “#63 – How to Get Ahead from Behind: You Can Compete!”